Tell Me a Story.

Hello. Welcome to the Bewilderness.

My name is Jessica Mindy and I’m here to tell you a story; perhaps many stories if you linger by the campfire long enough.


I’ve finally gathered enough kindling and courage to start “the blog.” It took a while, but after pondering the many words I’d kept locked up in the cage of my chest, I’ve realized they were really meant to fly–despite their audience. So, here they are taking flight from me to you. Though the majority of my posts are bound to be my own field journal of experiences in God, I pray that they weave their way into that tiny place in your heart that can sigh, “me too.” May we share an exploration into the uncontrolled, uncultivated wild places of Christ, and stare in grateful bewilderment at His nature, both in and around us. If I could pinpoint one thing I wish for this blog to yield in us both, it would be  C  O  N  N  E  C  T  I  O  N. After all, isn’t that what we are all yearning for more of? Yes, with each other, but what about connecting with yourself– the you that’s inside of Him? I truly believe there’s this deep desire in all of us to return to the Self that existed before we were ever tamed by the toxic values of our culture–whispering its lesser identities into our innocent ears.

You see, our world likes to domesticate wild things like you.

We lock our lions in cages and put pigments in our flowers. We stick preservatives in our foods, autotune our music, plaster makeup on our natural beauty, trade worth for Instagram hearts, form self-fashioned ideas around God, and build ladders of so-called success. Gross. But those cookie cutter mainstream moulds never looked good on us anyway (they made you look fat, to be honest). I’m thinking it’s about time we return to the wilderness, to our original intent, to the Place beyond this place, where our truest selves can roam free. Because, in my books, the wilderness is the only antidote for a life only half alive.
So what exactly is the Bewilderness? I call it the place we can go in a dimension called YAHWEH where He takes the clay of our lives and keeps spinning us until that core place is revealed: the free, real, and authentic you. If the Bewilderness had a feeling it would be that adrenaline rush you get when you’re about to start a spontaneous adventure mingled with the déjà vu of having been there before…perhaps long, long ago at your most primal stage of existence. You go to the Bewilderness when you are longing to find a World beyond this world; to discover the Dimension you existed in before the Before–when you were just a bodiless spirit without form or void. It is the place where you dwelled before you were ever introduced to Fear or Injustice. It’s where the Spirit would simply hover over you with a Love older than the universe itself. In barefaced words, the Bewilderness blog will speak to the journey we’re all on to becoming wilder. It may look barren now, but just you wait, everything is about to B  L  O  O  M!

So, onward wild ones! Forward to a wholeorganic, and connected way of life abundant. Let us move towards that place, not as vagrants without vision, but as crusaders exploring our way into the unfathomed regions of His heart, our Home. So, come closer to the fire dear ones and let me tell you a story; from wilder to more wild and from glory to glory!