Waking Up in Bewilderness

Are you ready for your first story? Fire’s crackling. Pull up a chair. Cozy up. Let’s begin.
*If you want to indulge more than just one sense as you read, I suggest listening to Birdsong by They Dream by Day. Words can say so much, but words + an image + music can say more.

So, there’s this thing that happens sometimes when I’m hanging out with Jesus where He’ll show me pictures through my imagination. Some people call them visions, but I mostly just call it conversation. We talk about all sorts of things. After all, that’s what friends do. Many months ago, I was singing Him some songs because He’s big into being serenaded when He showed me this one. Cue storytelling voice:

It was a wooded area full of ivy and overgrown plants and blooming flowers far out into the wilderness of who knows where.  A woman was lying on a lush pile of leaves in a deep, deep sleep. She was unaware of the Life growing all around her. However, you could tell that quite some time had passed because the vines were wrapping around her waist and arms. Daisies and wildflowers had made a home beneath her, like a botanical, fairytale bed, creating a nest around her. Then, the clouds parted like they do in all magical stories and a twilight moon beamed down through the trees. A quiet something started  to happen. 

 The forest in the wilderness began to lose its dark dampness in an exchange for the warmth of a Light that was beginning to emanate from inside the woman (twas’ a pretty little wispy light thing). A soft, ethereal beam was swirling in her stomach. It slowly spread outwards towards her fingertips and down towards her toes before rising back upwards into her face. Every feature of her body became illuminated by the Light. Then, without a soul to witness, her eyes fluttered open. In that moment, her awakening within yielded an awakening without.

 There’s more to the story, but let’s just do a little selah, shall we? The Lord shares with me a love for literature and stories, but I knew He was layering this conversation with more than pretty images.

It was an invite into the wilderness, into that unmarked place where wild things grow. It was an invite into a life resurrected into the wild. Remember when He said, “Awake, Oh Sleeper, rise up from the dead, and Christ will give you light.” Sweet, yeah. He wants to make us children of Light because that’s who we are at the core underneath all that other stuff we define ourselves with. He wants to take us back to the wildest place of all; an eternal Eden where we walk with Him face-to-face.

Suddenly aware and alive, she pulled herself from the plants entangling her. With a royal grace she rose up to see a bewildering sight. Among ivy beds of their own, were numerous other men, women, and children sown throughout the wild all around her, as far as the eye could see. They too were fast asleep. Like breathing seeds, they waited, unknowingly, for the Light to come and whisper them out of their slumber.

 We may be alive, but most-ahem-all of us have areas of our lives that are still slumbering. There are parts of us that we have been taught to restrain for fear of being too much, not enough, or a little of both. Yet, it’s the dawning of a new age and the Light is spreading over the earth. I’m watching it happen on a daily basis. There’s an invitation He’s extending in this hour to come into a wild, organic, even supernatural way of life. It’s the way of the wilderness: where domestication is stripped and authenticity is gained. It’s a countercultural world where your truest self can be fully empowered in its unique expression. Because who just wants to have a life when you can have life more abundant. How do we get there? It’s a step at a time journey, but I do know it starts with realizing there are sleeping parts inside of you that needs to wake up. That acknowledgement is the moment your eyelids blink open.

Today, there’s not really a moral to the story I tell except for the one you discover within yourself as you think the thoughts of what it means for God to give you light when you awaken. Today, there’s just a poetic prayer.

Abba, may a good morning dawn on your Early-Risers. May those reading these words be the ones who do not wait for the late alarm to sound, but instead wake early to what you are doing on the earth right now. May we be the Adams and the Eves that unearth ourselves from the tethers of this dimension and extend our limbs into the skies of life eternal. May we be the ones to turn our faces to the Son, with lampstands unwavering with light and fullness of oil. May we awaken within and awaken without. I decree that we are the recipients of Your glory-light. Show us, great King, how to be a part of this breed called children of light

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