The Spirit-Governed Mind

“The mind governed by the flesh is death, but the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace. The mind governed by the flesh is hostile to God; it does not submit to God’s law, nor can it do so. Those who are in the realm of the flesh cannot please God. You, however, are not in the realm of the flesh but are in the realm of the Spirit, if indeed the Spirit of God lives in you. And if anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, they do not belong to Christ.” Romans 8:6-9

According to science, the average person makes 35,000 decisions a day. To be able to choose and have free will is one of the greatest gifts the Father has given us in that it allows us the ability to actually love. Yet, how many of our choices are made naturally as opposed to supernaturally? How many of our choices are influenced by routine, subconscious agreement with what is deemed logical to our carnal minds? How many choices have we made in which we’ve allowed Fear to have a say?

The word “carnal” or “flesh” in this passage doesn’t just equate to a sinful nature, but to a natural one. When you step into the water it’s natural to assume you will sink and not walk on top of it. When you have experienced an offense, it’s natural to feel angry towards the individual rather than to pray for your enemy. When free food falls from the sky it’s natural to want to accumulate it overnight rather than believe it will happen again. Yet according to this passage, to do what comes normally is enmity against God. But on the flipside, the joy of this promise, if we are to have life and peace, we must think from the Spirit.

I was walking to the park with the Lord, mulling over this subject with Him, when He whispered, “It is not the same to simply agree with My thoughts about you. You must actually think the same thoughts that are My thoughts.” I think of a little child standing at the top of a slide, intimidated to go down. His Dad yells out to him, “You are so brave! This slide is going to be so much fun! You’ve got this!” It’s one thing for the child to know his dad thinks he’s brave, but the real connection happens when the boy believes for himself that he is brave. Then, he acts out of that knowing.Although believing what the Father says about us is a necessary guide and starting block, it is definitely not the finishing point.To have the mind of Christ is to think what He thinks–not just understanding His thoughts, but having the same ones originating from the place of in Him. What could our lives look like if fear never got a say in our decisions? Every choice we make is either made with fear or love in mind, and love is the only thought in His head. So let it be with ours.

A couple months into pregnancy with my son, the Lord started sharing with me about how He desired for Leo’s life to start off supernaturally right then– while he was even in the womb. If we wanted to, Leo and I could be a testimony of what it looked like to be an heir of life in the area of pregnancy and birth. It was then that I chose to believe for more than just a natural birth, but a supernatural birth. If flesh is born of flesh and spirit is born of spirit, then I wanted this baby to be born from a place of ease, peace, and joy.

Peace led us to make the personal decision of having our baby at home: the wildest place we knew. We wanted our sons’ first breath to be taken in an atmosphere that had been nourished with encounters. Natural childbirth is good and although we implemented many of the childbirth techniques that go along with it, it wasn’t a supernatural birth just because it was unmedicated. Mothers all over the world have natural childbirths every day. However, I’m not just a mother; I’m a mother in covenant with God, a daughter of royalty. I have inherited Eden—a life beyond the curse. We were believing for a birth without anxiety, pain, intervention, and absent of ordinary pregnancy and postpartum symptoms. Yet, it wasn’t just about what it would be without, but what would be within this birth: joy, peace, elevated Presence, laughter, ease, liberty, love, and contentment.

We are wondrous, mighty beings. We are Yahweh’s broad paint strokes of color, illuminating the paths between the Heavenlies. We are mediators of a realm unseen. We are as ancient as God when we open up the gates within us, where rivers deep seep into the earth around. We are alive and abundant in that life. We are the righteousness of God, the joy set before Him, the ones who dare to believe that He is mindful of us. So, let us be glorious as He is glorious. Be beautiful as He is beautiful. For we were made in the image of the Star-Breather Himself. I live in Him. He lives in me. And we are in the Father.

Who is this Fear that dares to voice itself in our decisions? He comes cloaking himself in logic and reason and threatening with guilt and shame. He is a hollow, anemic Thing that leeches off of the old news. He claims his way as the way of the wise, but Peace will give him no part. In my story, fear wasn’t allowed to talk about what could happen because I wasn’t at a hospital. He couldn’t talk about how natural it was to feel pain. He wasn’t allowed to tell me I couldn’t. Fear had no part in the decision-making because he does not exist in the mind of Christ and therefore does not exist in mine.

As we say among my family, “when the world within me began to change, so did the world around me.” I started watching all the “normal” symptoms of pregnancy fade away. The back pain, headaches, weariness, and nausea ceased. There was no mood swings, dizziness, or stretch marks. If I began to notice any, I simply began to reach for the supernatural over the natural I was feeling. It’s a process to grow inside of. Isn’t it amazing that we can just talk to the Holy Spirit, and He is so willing to guide us in making choices based in love!?

During the birth, it took until my water broke before I even believed I was in actual labor. I kept thinking, “This doesn’t hurt enough to be the real thing.” However, the midwife arrived and confirmed it was definitely time considering she could practically touch our babies head. My time of active labor was three hours—a wondrous fate for a first time mom. Anytime pain would come, my husband would read over me the declarations of scripture and truth we had written out and prayed over the course of the past few months. The minimal pain I felt would retreat into nothing but pressure. I reminded myself I was birthing from a Garden, not from a natural world, and joy would fill me.

One of those hours of labor was spent in water—where I nearly fell asleep from the Presence and peace I felt in our home. How many can say that of their birth? He came in three pushes and without complications. There he was! Our little boy smiled in his first few hours and has been a smiling, even laughing, baby since. We did it, Leo! We believed! I am a witness of the curse reversed.

And that’s all we’re really doing, aren’t we? Believing. Perhaps by changing how we think of ourselves, we can actually change ourselves. Not by striving or man-made attempts, but by thinking as God thinks. I don’t just want to agree with His opinions, I want them to be my very own–deep in the core of me. I want to tap into His very stream of thought as a co-heir in the kingdom. I want to gain authority over all that is evil and carnal simply by becoming who I am. Yes, we are here, in Christ, robed in righteousness, to remind all the earth of where we began and where we are going. Can you imagine a life more beautiful than this?

Yahweh, give us the mind of Christ. May we move beyond agreement with your thoughts to becoming originators of God-thoughts. May we believe as You believe in all matters. I ask that the natural begin to bend its knee to the supernatural. May we walk as those who have inherited all the earth—peacemakers. May we remain in true humility as image-bearers of God. Grant us the faith that can geographically move mountains—not just think in our minds that “it’s possible.” Lord, may we be all that we were designed to be, and may we get there by no other way than by devotion and intimacy with you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Disclaimer to some of my readers who may be parents, pregnant, or have careers in the medical field. I do not look down on hospital births, epidurals, doctors or medication. I am thankful for them and the many individuals they have helped. Nor do I think that I am better, wiser, or stronger because of the decisions we made. I don’t believe this way is the only way nor is it the holiest way. I just believe in making Spirit-led decisions by following Peace wherever He goes. The following story reflects where Peace, otherwise known as the Holy Spirit, led our family personally. May all who have ears to hear follow Him on their own unique journeys, wherever they may lead!


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