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Hey! I’m Jessica. I’m a creative writer + coffee enthusiast + fancy wildflower queen. When I’m not being those things, I spend most of my time with Jesus and my insanely talented Hubs, Andrew Mindy. Together we are foodies + aspiring kingdom mystics + outrageously silly. Just call us artsy little romantics with a happy dash of hippie.



The wilderness is the antidote for a life only half lived. Whether in spirit or in flesh, the wilderness can’t help but reveal a glory of His nature that is unknown to the mainstream of society. It’s in the uncontrolled lands of the wild that we can tap into the ancient secrets of what it is that makes us more alive. There is this yearning in us for a whole, organic, and connected way of life. It is a yearning for the Self that existed before the taming, toxic values of culture began to speak to us. It is the place where we dwelled before we even knew what fear was. It is the place we existed before the Before; when we were yet without form and void.

The Bewilderness is a wonder-filled place that feels a lot like new grounds, yet still, has that de-ja-vu feeling that you’ve been there before…perhaps long ago, at your most primal stages of existence. Together we move towards that place, not as vagrants without vision, but as crusaders exploring our way in the unfathomed regions of His heart, our Home.

In the Bewilderness I believe you will find support in the expression of your individuality and encouragement to make the decisions that will move you towards the simplicity that exists when you are empowered to live wild. And if in the end, my story and ruminations have somehow had the privilege of migrating your soul and spirit even an iota toward the estate of the Bewilderness, I will feel I have succeeded!

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